Reiki 1 - Shoden Attunement

Reiki 1 - Shoden Attunement

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The Foundation of Healing Energy

Reiki 1 Attunement – Overview:
Reiki 1 focuses on integrating the principles of Reiki into your daily life, with a strong emphasis on the physical aspect. During the attunement process at this level, the sacred symbols of Reiki will be introduced into your aura. You will gain understanding of healing hand positions and how to effectively channel this nurturing energy.

The attunement day encompasses various elements, including receiving your attunement, learning protective techniques, grounding your energy, mastering energy channeling, and applying Reiki in the healing of others.

Understanding Reiki:

Reiki Healing is a valuable component of mind/body therapies, operating as a complementary health practice. It operates as both a therapeutic method and a self-help technique, aiming to enhance physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. The Reiki Healing system comprises three progressive attunement classes, each contributing to the student's growth within this modality.

The Three Attunement Levels:

1. Reiki 1 – Shoden, the foundational teachings.
2. Reiki 2 – Okuden, the inner teachings.
3. Reiki 3 – Shinpiden, mastery level.
4. Reiki Master Teacher – Apprenticeship for attunement delivery and Reiki class instruction.

Exploring the Attunement Classes:

Every class entails a Reiki Attunement, Reiki manual, and a Reiki Certificate. You can choose to participate in a group class or opt for a one-on-one attunement. These classes enable you to develop your Reiki skills, grasp energy channeling techniques, and manifest a renewed version of yourself.

Starting the Journey:

Initiating your Reiki journey begins with Level 1, and you can progress to higher attunement levels when you feel the timing aligns with your readiness. While the specific timing is flexible, it is recommended to observe a minimum 21-day interval between each attunement, allowing for a cleansing process.

Post-Attunement Possibilities:

Following your attunement, you will have the ability to initiate your healing practice, extending it to yourself, friends, family, and clients. Reiki transcends limitations, seamlessly integrating into various aspects of life, including familial bonds and even pet care. As you advance through the attunement levels, you'll gain access to additional Reiki tools, broadening the range and depth of your healing capabilities. This will enable you to address a wide array of issues, such as relationship dynamics, childhood concerns, past-life connections, anxiety, self-esteem challenges, future planning, connecting with your higher self, alleviating physical symptoms, and manifesting desired life outcomes.

Embark on Your Reiki Journey:

To initiate your journey into Reiki, you can book your spot or reach out via email to arrange a preliminary attunement call.

About Me:


I am Angelah Rose. From a young age, I've possessed sensitivity and intuition, with a profound connection to healing. While I was aware of my potential as a healer, it was only through my personal journey of healing within my own body that I fully grasped the transformative power of energetic and spiritual practices in supporting healing and personal growth. This realization drove me to spread the concept that the alignment of mind, body, and spirit yields profound healing. My mission is to share this insight with as many individuals as possible.

After a profound healing experience, I received a persistent message for 14 consecutive days: "You need to give Reiki." This led me to my first Reiki teacher, and as I delved into my studies, I experienced unparalleled alignment. In addition to practicing Reiki, I derive immense joy from crafting meditations, facilitating Sacred Spirit Circles, leading group Reiki sessions, teaching and attuning others in Reiki, and co-facilitating a Divine Feminine in Business group.

I am truly privileged and honored to provide a nurturing space, share knowledge, and support others on their healing and expansive journeys. Collaborative growth and learning are aspects I deeply cherish. Throughout my personal journey, I've encountered and shared truly beautiful moments that remain close to my heart.

I am elated to extend Reiki attunements to those who choose me as their guide, witnessing the spread of Reiki into the hands of a growing number of individuals. The world can undoubtedly benefit from an increased number of healers.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to take the leap and embark on this transformative journey. With excitement and warmth,

Angelah Rose <3