Reiki Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notice: No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18. 

Policies for First Time Clients: First time clients must complete the Client Intake Form. Completion of the intake form is required before the first session can be conducted. The client’s scheduled session time will not be extended due to them needing to complete the form upon arrival for the appointment. 

Payment Terms: 

- Only Love Energy accepts the following methods of payment: Shopify payments upon booking, Paypal, Direct Credit, Laybuy and After Pay.

- Payment in full is respectfully due at the time of Booking. 

Late Arrival/No Show/Cancellation Policies: 

LATE ARRIVALS: Appointments will not extend past the originally scheduled appointment end time. Clients will not receive a refund for any portion of their missed appointment time. 

NO SHOWS: A client is considered a no-show if 15 minutes has elapsed since the start of their appointment and they have not arrived at the appointment location. No shows will not be refunded and will forfeit any monies paid to Only Love Energy Reiki for the session. 

REIKI SESSION CANCELLATIONS: Clients are encouraged to reschedule rather than cancel appointments. Clients have up to 48 hours prior to their session start time to reschedule their appointment. Please note: After TWO (2) consecutive reschedules, the client’s appointment will be marked as cancelled and the client forfeits any monies that have been paid to Only Love Energy Reiki If the client wishes to schedule another appointment, they will not be credited for any monies paid to secure the rescheduled appointment(s). 

Course Cancellations: Clients are encouraged to reschedule rather than cancel appointments. If the client cancels an appointment within 14 working days of their booking a 50% cancellation fee is payable, if the client cancels within 7days 100% payment is due. 

Course Cancellations by Only Love Energy Reiki: In the event that Only Love Energy Reiki needs to reschedule your course or cancel your course you will be given notice as soon as possible. If the new dates do not align for you you are encouraged to take credit for your booking however you will be offered a refund if rescheduling doesn't align for you. 

Discretion will be used in cases of emergency.

Sacred Spirit Circle Cancellations:Please cancel within 48 hours of the event to reschedule your booking. Bookings cancelled on the day will not be refunded or credited. All bookings can be paid forward up until 12 hours of the event.

Prices: The prices listed are subject to change without prior notification. 

Refusal to treat and Attune:

We have the right to refuse or discontinue a treatment or Attunement at any point. Circumstances where this may apply include, but are not limited to:

-The client is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

-Recent surgery

-The client behaves in an inappropriate or offensive manner

-The client is or becomes unwell e.g. fever, digestive upset, allergic reaction, seizure, fainting

-A client is under care for a medical issue that is a contraindication for therapy, this will be discussed during consultation where GP consent is required.

​-COVID restrictions 

-Client has not filled out appropriate forms

-Client has not completed the 21 day cleanse

-Angelah Rose is not prepared for an Attunement e.g. The client/student needs more 1-1 guidance, Preparation for Individual structured course planning or Angelah Rose has an unforeseen circumstance that prevents her from giving an Attunement.

Angelah Rose/Only Love Energy Reiki will use their professional discretion to give you the utmost respect and care on your Reiki healing and learning journey. 


Children: Clients under the age of 18 are welcome if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who will be asked to give signed consent to treatment. They will also be asked to remain present for the duration of the agreed treatment. 

Medical Issues: Treatments conducted by Only Love Energy Reiki are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. At no time will a client be encouraged to stop medical treatment or reduce or change their prescription drugs without prior discussion with a GP or consultant first. It is also the client’s responsibility to consult with their GP and get approval before any treatments can commence. 

Guarantees: There are several complex factors influencing the success of individual therapy, whilst benefits are typically observed in the majority of cases, there can be no guarantees of success or cure in relation to a condition or its treatment.  While there are no claims for curing illness, many clients seem to experience inner peace, grounding and clarity as a result of undergoing this process. 

As part of her philosophy of personal growth and self empowerment, Angelah feels that it is important for Reiki recipients to know that they are participating in their own self-healing and that as a Reiki practitioner, she is just an aid to assist. The client has to be willing and open to heal and also has to take responsibility for their healing and learning journey.

As a New Zealand Certified Reiki Practitioner I abide and adhere to the NZ Code of ethics. 

Reiki New Zealand Code of Ethics 

  • Reiki Practitioners shall practise their profession to the best of their ability for the benefit of the clients. They must respect a client's right to be treated with care and skill so they receive services that reflect their need. 

  • The confidence of the client and diagnostic findings acquired during consultation, or in the course of professional treatment, shall not be divulged to anyone without the client's consent except where required by Law, or where failure to take action would constitute a menace or danger to the client or another member of the community. 

  • Reiki Practitioners having clients referred to them by another Practitioner shall return such clients to the original Practitioner when the specified treatment is completed. The Practitioner shall not denigrate fellow Reiki Practitioners, other Natural Health Practitioners' or Orthodox medical treatments. 

  • Reiki Practitioners shall respect the culture, values and beliefs of the client at all times. 

  • A Reiki Practitioner shall not knowingly interfere with any on going treatment instigated by another Reiki Practitioner, Health Professional or Medical Practitioner whilst the client is under that Practitioner's care. 

  • Reiki Practitioners shall respect fellow Reiki Practitioners and other Health Professionals at all time. If they have reason to complain then they should make an official complaint to the appropriate association not resort to gossip. 

  • Reiki Practitioners premises shall be maintained in a hygienic condition and shall be open at all times to inspection by representatives of Reiki NZ Inc or if they are Chartered by a representative of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand 

  • Reiki Practitioners shall respect the lineage and degrees of fellow Reiki Practitioners at all times. 

  • Reiki Practitioners shall display current Practicing Certificates and this Code of Ethics in a prominent position in their premises within easy viewing of the client. 

  • As Natural Health Practitioners Reiki Practitioners are expected to behave with the dignity and integrity in all circumstances.