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Koha Reiki is a way to make Reiki accessible to all. 
This means that your session can be paid for in a Koha/donation/gift/service swap.

If you have any questions about this please send me a message and I'm happy to answer 💗

I'm here to support you to heal yourself, step into your power, reconnect you to your inner being and live authentically.
Originating in Japan, Reiki is a holistic-based, natural healing technique helping with stress reduction, relaxation and chakra balancing. In Reiki we work on specifically releasing any energetic or emotional blockages, through the use of healing techniques to help with clearing and balancing of your chakras, aura clearing and providing you guidance to assist with bringing you a deeper alignment for your mind, body & spirit.
Clients leave having a range of experiences and in general feel more calm, uplifted, focused, grounded, secure and whole.
Please allow up to 1 hour for your session.

Alongside Reiki each session will include Oracle card readings, Singing bowl sound bathing, Crystal healing and Angel channelled healing.

*Please check your spam folder for confirmation of your booking and for information on how to prepare for your session.