Sacred Spirit Circle - ONLINE

Sacred Spirit Circle - ONLINE

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Let's connect and get to know and grow together.
A lovely way for our Reiki community and like minded souls in the to connect.

Many can lose themselves in routine and multi-tasking, supporting their partner or children, caring for their homes, juggling a career, paying the bills, etc.

Sacred spirit circles allow a you to rest in a space that encourages you to explore your inner world, which can be greatly healing for mental and physical well-being. To feel held in a gentle, non-judgemental way can be deeply nourishing.

We will be exploring rituals such as:

• Altar creation
• Crystals
• Manifestation
• Oracle card readings
• Singing bowls
• Group meditation & Psychic development.

These are a few things we will be practising and are not limited to in our spirit circle. If you would like to bring an offering to the circle please feel free to.
Bring yourself, wear comfy clothes, bring your journals and a pen feel free to bring a light drink or snack, your cards and crystals etc.

This is a safe and inclusive space - all welcome.
We encourage each person to be open to receive and willing to learn.
To speak, share and listen from the heart with respect, consent, consideration and discernment, to encourage and welcome diverse points of view, to decide together what is to be held in confidence.

This event will be capped at 10 people to keep the space intimate.

Upcoming event: March (SOLD OUT)

Time 7pm - 9pm 
The address is: 167c Waltham Road, Sydenham, Christchurch. 

Bundle packages now available:
As the group is growing these events have been selling out in advance so to secure your spot you can now buy a package to pre book and secure your space in advance. 

Look forward to seeing you,
Angelah Rose xx