Only Love Reiki Infused Cacao Bar

Only Love Reiki Infused Cacao Bar

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💫 Only Love Energy Cacao Bar x @wildcraftednz 🍫

 Ingredients: Solomon Cacao, Cacao butter, Fair trade sugar, Rose petal and Cinnamon.

Infused with intentional energy from Kimberli at Wildcrafted and nfused with powerful Reiki for supporting your bodies natural abilities to heal. Enhancing your vibrational state. Uplifting your senses and empowering your ritualistic practise.

Rose 🌹 

Roses embody love, healing, beauty, and protection. They symbolize emotional connections, promote balance, and enhance self-worth. Roses foster spiritual growth, offer harmony, and represent transformation and renewal.

Cinnamon 🥢

Cinnamon possesses metaphysical properties that include energy and vitality, protection and purification, abundance and prosperity, love and passion, spiritual awareness and intuition, as well as healing and well-being.


💫These blocks have been infused with the following symbols: 


💫Cho Ku Rei which is the power symbol in Reiki healing practices.  It acts as a catalyst to quicken and strengthen the Reiki healing process.  The Cho Ku Rei aids Reiki healing by providing protection to the practitioner and receiver.  By evoking the Cho Ku Rei, the practitioner can successfully tap into life energy and channel it to various parts of the body.


💫Mai Yur Ma which is a symbol of infinite, unconditional love and good wishes. It can be used in a variety of creative ways to create harmony, healing and flow in your life. Mai Yur Ma enhances, expands and magnifies the physical,emotional and spiritual aspects of unconditional love. It is wonderful for opening the heart and opening us up to unconditional love. It also releases grief and sadness and stress.


💫The Tamarasha symbol which is known as the balancing symbol. This symbol is known for providing balance and unblocking the energy chakras so energy can continue to flow evenly throughout the body.


💫The Dai Ko Myo symbol - which is the Reiki Master Symbol and the most powerful Reiki Symbol. The Dai Ko Myo is the symbol with the highest vibration and is therefore most transformative at the spiritual level. Using this symbol helps enhance the healing of the soul as the energies are sent to the more subtle layers of the aura and upper chakras. When the spiritual soul is healed, the mental and physical get healed automatically. The Dai Ko Myo symbol also helps heal our karma. Known as “all purpose healing” symbol and “empowerment” symbol, this Reiki symbol represents all that is Reiki, including personal empowerment and love.




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